Owners are ‘relieved’ to be reunited with their two young cats who were rescued after they became stuck up a tree in East Devon

Young cats stuck after climbing more than 10-feet up a tree in a village in East Devon had to be rescued by firefighters using multiple long ladders.

Fire crews from Axminster and Honiton were recently called to an address in Shute, East Devon, after it was reported two six-month-old cats had climbed a tree and could not get down.

Both cats were rescued by the crews, who handed them over to their ‘relieved’ owners.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Fire control received a call from a member of the public at a property in Shute reporting two six-month old cats that had climbed up a tree and were unable to get down.”

Axminster firefighters, called to the address, wore safety harnesses and used a 10.5metre ladder to rescue one of the cats.

The second kitten was reached after a longer ladder arrived from Honiton fire station.

East Devon

Ladders were needed to reach the stuck cats.
Photo: Axminster fire station.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “The first cat was rescued from the tree at a height of approximately 12metres with the ladder at full extension with a firefighter reaching from the head.

“Crews were quickly able to ascertain the ladder wasn’t going to be long enough to effect a rescue on the second cat, and so requested Honiton Fire Station to attend with their 135 (13.5metre) ladder.

“Once on scene crews worked alongside Honiton to pitch the ladder again at full extension into the tree.

“Fortunately, the second cat was also rescued, this time from an approximate height of 14.5 metres.

“Both cats were handed over to some very relieved owners.”

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