Repair cafe returns to Axminster in meet-and-mend ‘don’t-bin’ bid to reduce landfill

The welcome return of the Axminster Repair Café has been announced, where skilled volunteers will fix broken household objects.

The Axminster Repair Café will be held on Saturday, November 5, at the town’s Guildhall, in West Street, from 10am until 1pm.

The aim of the event is to fix as many broken, worn and once-useful things as possible, saving them from landfill.

Visitors can enjoy a chat over a cup of tea and bacon roll, or slice of cake.

Jemma Moran, Axminster Repair Café volunteer, said: “We love our monthly repair sessions, where the community comes together to help each other save money and breathe new life into everyday household objects that might otherwise go to waste.

“It’s always such a joy to see faces light up as an old record player starts turning again or a much-loved toy gets sewn back together.

“We are trying to encourage a more sustainable society and, just as importantly, we are having fun doing it too.”

She added: “We’re delighted to be able to offer the people of Axminster and the surrounding area the chance to get involved and we look forward to seeing as many faces as possible on Saturday 5 November.”


Pictured here is Spike, with his fixed toy.
Photo: Axminster Repair Cafe.

Since the town’s repair café began in February 2020, the group has helped fix 100s of items.

Skilled volunteer repairers have donated hours of their time to help members of their local community fix broken household objects.

Jemma said: “More and more people are choosing repair and reuse instead of discarding or buying new.

“All sorts of items will be repaired at this event for a small, voluntary donation.

“These are often items which people may not be able to afford to get fixed or not sure how to do it themselves and are brought back to life and saved from the bin.”

She added: “Participants are also encouraged to bring along any spare tools, which are no longer needed, so they can be rehomed or recycled.”

  • Axminster Repair Café welcomes volunteer menders to join its growing team for future events.

If you have skills in needlework, electrics, woodwork or other areas email


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