Windsurfers spotted in difficulty off Exmouth seek safety in a moored yacht

Windsurfers spotted in difficulty off Exmouth on Sunday morning (October 30) sought safety in a moored yacht, the RNLI said.

The Exmouth inshore lifeboat crew was returning from exercise at 11.30am when the alarm was raised, prompting the volunteers to divert to the scene, at the Duck Pond, on the River Exe.

On arrival, the crew found the windsurfers had boarded a moored yacht, and one had been returned to shore by a passing kayaker.

The second windsurfer was picked up by the lifeboat crew and returned to dry land.

Both windsurfers were treated for the cold, said Exmouth RNLI.

A spokesman for the volunteer crew said: “While returning from an exercise, the crew of the Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat were alerted to two windsurfers in distress on the area of the River Exe known as the Duck Pond.

The volunteer lifesavers were quickly on the scene with the casualties to assess the situation.

“They discovered that the casualties had managed to get themselves aboard a moored yacht and that one of them had already been assisted ashore by a passing kayaker.

“The second casualty was taken on board the lifeboat and to the safety of shore where both casualties were treated for cold.

“The lifeboat crew were assisted by Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team.

“Once satisfied that the casualties had recovered and were safe and well, the crew returned to the water and recovered their equipment to remove any risk to other water users.”

Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Helm, Henry Mock, urged water-users to assess kit and check tide and weather conditions before setting off.

He said: “It’s always good advice for water users to check their equipment before going out on the water to ensure it is undamaged, sound and safe to use.

“The sea and wind conditions were strong and unpredictable on Sunday, and in that environment, equipment is put under greater strain and more prone to failure. We were happy to help in this rescue and pleased it had a satisfactory outcome.”

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