Injured pensioner seeks Ottery Good Samaritan who helped after a churchyard fall in Gloucester

A pensioner from Gloucestershire who fell in her local churchyard is seeking the Good Samaritan from Ottery St Mary who stayed with the 80-year-old until the ambulance arrived.

Alison Weller fell and hit her face on Saturday, September 12, while walking through the Holy Trinity churchyard, in Minchinhampton, near Stroud.

Alison, who was left with a bloodied nose needing hospital treatment, is keen to trace the two physiotherapist friends – known only as Sarah and Susannah – who were meeting in the Cotswold town because it was halfway between their homes in Ottery, and Birmingham.

The pensioner said the contact number she took at the time was incorrect and she wants to personally thank the pair for their kindness.

Alison said the two dark-haired women – one from Ottery St Mary and the other from the north of Birmingham – had not seen each other for 18 years.

She said: “I want to say thank you. They were brilliant.

“There was blood everywhere. They just knew what to do.”

The pensioner, who uses two sticks to walk, had finished cleaning the Holy Trinity church brasses and was heading towards the lych-gate when she fell, hitting her face on the path.

Sarah and Susannah, who were visiting the town, had been sitting on a bench nearby in the churchyard and came to the pensioner’s aid, putting her in the recovery position and waiting with her until an ambulance arrived.

Alison took a contact number at the time of the fall, planning to thank the women at a later date.

But the number she wrote down proved to be incorrect, which Alison put down to her not being ‘compos mentis’ from the shock of the fall.

So keen is she to trace her helpers, Alison has scoured the electoral roll, without success.

Alison said: “I had been cleaning the church brass. I came out of the church. There’s a path to the lych-gate.

“I had a bag with Brasso and dusters. I walk with two sticks and my sticks got entangled with my feet and I fell flat on my face.

“These two girls were sitting on a bench in the graveyard, having decided to meet in Minchinhampton.

“While we were waiting for the ambulance, they put me in the recovery position. They were just brilliant.”

If you are the physiotherapist from Ottery St Mary who helped Alison, please email your number to and we will pass it on to her.

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