Eggs are thrown at homes and people in Exmouth as police seek to identify ‘ASBO’ boys

Video footage of boys who lobbed eggs at homes in Exmouth and people in the town centre has been handed to the police.

Officers investigating ‘numerous’ reports of anti-social behaviour in Exmouth are working to identify ‘male youths’ thought to be the culprits responsible for causing criminal damage in several areas – throwing apples at properties belonging to elderly residents in Withycombe Raleigh, and eggs at passers-by in the town centre.

Exmouth police said officers would be visiting local shops to curb the sale of eggs to youths.

And they urged parents to be aware of what their children were taking from the home, which could be used as anti-social behaviour weapons.

An Exmouth Police spokesperson said: “Youths may find this behaviour very amusing, the victims of anti-social behaviour can find it very intimidating and elderly persons can be very frightened by this behaviour.”

They said youths targeted a retirement complex after school, throwing apples at homes and damaging fences.

An Exmouth Police spokesperson said officers received ‘numerous reports’ of anti-social behaviour in and around The Strand, the residential areas of the Marina and the lane leading from Withycombe Village Road to the Rugby club into Hulham Road.

An Exmouth Police spokesperson said: “The elderly residents of Dening Court, who live next to the lane, have been subject to criminal damage of their fences and apples being thrown at the properties at the end of the school day.

“Eggs are also being thrown at properties in residential areas and at members of the public in The Strand, particularly in the evenings.”

The spokesperson added: “Exmouth police have received some footage of the male youths involved and are in the process of identifying them.”

Police urged parents and carers to ‘take time to consider’ if eggs had gone missing from the fridge or cupboard at home, and if children were ‘using them inappropriately’.

The police spokesperson said: “We will be attending all stores to request they do not sell eggs to youths.”

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