Green light for more parking price rises in Exeter – with council expecting 5% drop in use

More price rises at Exeter car parks have been given the green light in a bid to cut congestion and tackle climate change. 

City council executive members last week agreed to increase the minimum stay at its facilities from one to two hours.

All-day charges in the Guildhall, Mary Arches and John Lewis sites will be hiked by 20 per cent from £15 to £18.

Tariffs will also rise by 10pence for stays between two and seven hours in car parks designated as ‘premium’, ‘zone one’ and ‘zone two’ sites.

‘Zone three’ facilities will see costs rocket by 50pence for a two-hour hour stay, £1 for a three-hour stay, and £1.50  for four-hours and more.

Residential permits will be made free for electric vehicles and the new tariffs will come into force from May.

In April 2019, parking charges rose at every single one of the car parks managed by Exeter City Council, while large tariff increases also took place in 2018.

Tuesday’s meeting heard that, in the last year, there has been a 7.5 per cent fall in the number of vehicles using council car parks – but a 7.4 per cent increase in income.

Councillor David Harvey said footfall figures for the city centre had held up at the same levels.

Cllr Duncan Wood added: “It is a difficult balancing act and we achieved the key objectives last year and we didn’t damage the vibrant city centre.

“I hope this will achieve the same fine balance again.

“For most people parking in the car parks it will be 10p extra. And if people are forced to pay for two hours, it may reduce repeat trips.”

The meeting heard that Exeter City Council is expecting a five per cent reduction in the number of vehicles using its car parks once the new tariffs are in place.

Cllr Rachel Sutton added that people will have to think seriously about how they get around in the city centre and make changes.

Council leader Phil Bialyk added that for the price rises were needed as part of a ‘balancing act’ to make the city carbon neutral by 2030.

New car park charges in Exeter

‘Premium’  sites

Guildhall, Mary Arches, John Lewis

  • Two hours – from £4.40 to £4.50
  • Three hours – £5.50 to £5.60
  • Four hours – £6.60 to £6.70
  • Five hours – £7.70 to £7.80
  • Six hours – £8.80 to £8.90
  • Seven hours – £9.90 to £10
  • All day – £15 to £18

‘Zone one’ sites

Bampfylde Street, Bartholomew Terrace, Harlequins, King William Street, Magdalen Road, Magdalen Street, Matthews Hall, Princesshay 2, Princesshay 3, Smythen Street

  • Two hours – from £3.30 to £3.40
  • Three hours – £4.40 to £4.50
  • Four hours – £5.50 to £5.60
  • Five hours – £6.60 to £6.70
  • Six hours – £7.70 to £7.80
  • Seven hours – £8.80 to £8.90
  • All day – £13

‘Zone two’ sites

Belmont Road, Bystock Terrace, Cathedral & Quay, Haven Road 1, Howell Road, Richmond Road, Parr Street, Topsham Quay, Triangle

  • Two hours – from £3.30 to £3.40
  • Three hours – £4.40 to £4.50
  • Four hours – £5.50 to £5.60
  • Five hours – £6.60 to £6.70

‘Zone three’ sites

Flowerpot, Haven Road 2 & 3, Holman Way, Okehampton Street, Tappers Close, Turf Approach

  • Two hours – from £1.50 to £2
  • Three hours – £2 to £3
  • Four hours – £2.50 to £4
  • All day – £3.50 to £5

‘Zone 3 three’ sites with a maximum stay

Bromhams Farm, Clifton Hill, Gordons Place, Station Road (Exwick)

  • Two hours – From £1.50 to £2
  • Three hours – £2 to £3

Price increases proposed for Exeter car parks in bid to cut congestion and tackle climate change