Huge crane becomes Exeter landmark as work on new leisure centre and bus station continues

A huge tower crane is making light work of the massive construction project under way to create a UK-first super-energy-efficient leisure centre in Exeter.

The striking red crane will be a major landmark in the city centre over the coming months as construction on the Exeter Bus Station site gathers pace.

The leisure complex, called St Sidwell’s Point, is being built alongside a brand new bus station.

The current transport hub will remain open throughout the two-year redevelopment programme.

Exeter tower crane facts:

A photo of the huge crane on the site of Exeter Bus Station

The huge crane on the site of Exeter Bus Station. Picture: Exeter City Council

  1. It is two-and-a-half times the height of the Exeter Chiefs’ rugby goal posts;
  2. The radius of the crane is the same as three double decker busses parked end to end;
  3. The crane could lift four fully grown African elephants at the same time;
  4. It is sitting on a concrete base deeper than a three-storey building.

In the coming months, the steel frame of the leisure complex will slowly will begin to emerge from the ground.

The contractor is constructing the pool box slabs and the retaining wall between the wet side accommodation and dry side accommodation.

The drainage below the slabs will be installed as well as insulation, prior to pouring concrete for the slabs and retaining structure.

St Sidwell’s Point will open in 2021.

An artist's impression of St Sidwell's Point which is being built in Exeter City Centre.

An artist’s impression of St Sidwell’s Point which is being built in Exeter City Centre.

The water quality is expected to be better than at any other swimming pool in the country. A special filtration system will mean there will be minimal chemical content, which will greatly enhance the experience for users.

Built to the ultra-high quality Passivhaus standard, St Sidwell’s Point will be one the world’s most energy efficient leisure centres.

The state-of-the-art facility will feature:

  • A main swimming pool and learners pool with moveable floors;
  • A confidence water pool;
  • A 100-seat spectator seated area;
  • A café to seat 50;
  • A 150-station fitness gym and two fitness studios;
  • A health suite and spa facility;
  • A children’s soft play area;

The new Exeter Bus Station will include covered waiting and boarding areas and high-quality facilities. It will replace the current station opened in 1964.

Both developments are being funded by Exeter City Council.

Read more on the new Exeter leisure centre project here. 

An operator is being sought for the new Exeter Bus Station.



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