Funding for Honiton roads ‘challenging’

Taking care of roads in and around Honiton and finding funding for local infrastructure continues to pose major challenges.

That is what county and district councillor Phil Twiss told a meeting of a Honiton Town Council in a report.

Cllr Twiss (pictured left) reported that funding remains a significant issue.Phil Twiss

He cited one of the reasons as Devon County Council’s commitment to repairing roads as well as clearing drains and ditches.

The good news, he reported, is that the council is “moving steadily towards a position of maintenance, more than repair”.

His reported stated: “I am pleased that there are a number of re-surfacing projects programmed in for 2019/20, together with work to undertake catching up on a backlog of ditch and drain cleaning / clearing.”

Cllr Twiss was referring to roads in and around Feniton as well as Honiton.

Devon County Council has the unenviable task of having to maintain 8,000 miles of road. Its network includes major sections of arterial roads in and out of the county, as well as single track lanes.

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