Axminster Drama Club to perform new play exploring the knock-on impact of dementia

Tickets are now available for a new play written by an Axminster man that explores the impact of a dementia diagnosis on family and friends.

Dad-of-two Andrew Coley is showcasing Because of Love, a play highlighting the relationship between a father and son who fall out, then dementia hits.

Axminster Drama Club is staging performances at two separate venues, to coincide with Dementia Action Week.

You can see Because of Love at Chardstock Village Hall on Thursday, May 12, and Friday May 13, and at Kilmington Village Hall, for another two performances. on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21. Tickets are £10 from the box office at Axminster Guildhall, or online.

The play looks at how a dementia diagnosis affects more than one person.

Mr Coley said: “Dementia is a condition that affects many families and I wanted to look at it from different angles.

“The story revolves around the relationship of a father and son, but it also features how the situation affects their wives, as well as the professionals who do all they can to help relatives deal with the difficult situation that they are presented with.

“We have been rehearsing since January and I have been delighted with how the play is developing.

“Each actor brings their own ideas of how a character is portrayed which helps to bring the script to life. It is always a pleasure to work with talented, creative people as it makes the rehearsals an enjoyable experience for all concerned.

“And by staging the play in two smaller venues, we hope to bring a level of intimacy to the production to really help to draw the audience in.”

Because of Love follows the experiences of Nathan and his father, Hector, their family and friends.

Hector is a third-generation farmer who expects his son to take on the family farm, but when Nathan tells his father that he wants to do other things, their relationship sours and they part on bad terms.

Years pass, during which time, Hector is diagnosed with dementia and Nathan has to work out how to respond to his father’s new situation.

You can buy tickets online, here.

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