Labour Party candidate Steve Race becomes the new MP for Exeter

Labour Party candidate Steve Race has become the new MP for Exeter after winning landslide support from voters.

Mr Race, who takes over the baton from outgoing Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw, had been the Labour candidate for Exeter since 2022 after he was selected by local members during the summer of that year.

He previously worked for Ben Bradshaw, working on personal and policy casework, along with campaigns for Exeter residents between 2007-2011.

Mr Race won a landslide victory against the other candidates, with 18,225 votes.

When campaigning, Mr Race’s priorities for Exeter included delivering more NHS dentistry appointment for Exeter, working with parents who are struggling with the SEND crisis, and working with an incoming Government to deliver more support for homeless people.

The full result is:

  • Will ACZEL – Liberal Democrat – 4,201 votes
  • Andrew BELL – Green Party – 5,907 votes
  • Lee BUNKER – Reform – 4,914 votes
  • William POULTER – Independent – 466 votes
  • Steve RACE – Labour Party – 18, 225 votes
  • Robert SPAIN – Independent – 194 votes
  • Tessa TUCKER – The Conservative Party Candidate – 6, 288 votes

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:

  • want of an official mark – 0
  • voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to – 34
  • writing or mark by which voter could be identified – 0
  • being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty – 146
  • rejected in part – 0

Total – 180

Electorate: 67,840
Ballot Papers issued: 40414
Turnout: 59.57 per cent

Conservatives win the new Exmouth and Exeter seat by a narrow majority


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