General Election 2024: All the candidates for Exmouth and Exeter East; Honiton and Sidmouth; Exeter

There are hours to go before General Election polling booths open across the UK – and scores of East Devon and Exeter residents are still undecided on which way to vote.

To help you decide who should win your cross on the ballot paper, East Devon News approached all the prospective candidates.

Those contacted have been nominated to stand for the Exmouth and Exeter East constituency, Honiton and Sidmouth constituency, and for the Exeter seat.

All were invited by email to submit their profile and a photo, which East Devon News has published here.

For those who did not respond, or without an email to contact them through, we have included a link to their website or biography, where you can find their profile.

Polling stations across East Devon and Exeter open on Thursday, July 4, from 7am until 10pm.

The candidates nominated for the Exmouth and Exeter East constituency are:

Name of Candidate/Description of Candidate (if any)

    • Paul Arnott – Liberal Democrats – for a fair deal
    • Mark Baldwin – Climate Party
    • Helen Dallimore – Labour Party
    • Olly Davey – Green Party
      I have lived in Exmouth for over 40 years, having moved here for work, which I guess makes me an economic migrant. In that time I have been a college technician, student, primary school teacher, guitar teacher, music adviser and I am now a Town and District Councillor. In the past, I have had spells of unemployment and lived on a low income. I am also a practising musician, playing locally in various venues. I became interested in sustainability many years ago, which led to my joining the Green Party. I am passionate about protecting and restoring nature and cutting carbon emissions through insulating homes, using renewable sources of energy and enabling sustainable travel choices through better public transport and provision for safe walking and cycling. I want to support local businesses to thrive and grow, and to keep money circulating in the local economy. I also want to see a fairer distribution of the wealth in this country so that everyone benefits – it cannot be right that some people become extremely wealthy while others queue for foodbanks. I am standing in this election so that there is a Green voice offering Real Hope and Real Change.


      Olly Davey – Green Party.
      Photo: with permission.

    • Peter Faithfull – Independent
      Born in Canada, I have lived in East Devon since 1967. After living for a short time in Lympstone, I was brought up on Rockbeare Hill, going to Rockbeare Primary School, followed by The Kings School, Ottery St Mary. I then went on to the East Devon College of Further Education at Tiverton, studying Agricultural Engineering. More recently I have a BA Hons degree in Photography, in which my final major project involved teaching photography in the slums of Nairobi.
      After a short time in the Royal Artillery, I worked in our family tool and catering hire business in Honiton, supplying to a wide range of customers, including farming and the construction industry.  Over the years I have been a member of Whimple Scouts, Whimple and Broadclyst Young Farmers Club, Exeter and District Ski Club, Exe Sailing Club, Exeter and District Riding Club and the Western Counties Heavy Horses Society.
      I am presently a Town and District Councillor for Ottery St Mary ward.

      East Devon elections

      Peter Faithfull – Independent.
      Photo: with permission.

    • David Reed – The Conservative Party Candidate
      David lives in and has a deep connection to Exmouth & Exeter East, and he is fighting to bring about positive change for the long-term for everyone in the constituency. With multiple previous generations of his family hailing from East Budleigh, in East Devon, David feels a sense of duty to help preserve what’s best about our home, and to enhance and improve it wherever it’s needed.
      David started his career in the Royal Marines and the Special Forces Support Group and served in multiple conflict zones around the world over a seven-year career. Alongside frontline service, he won a place on the Team GB Wingsuit Skydiving Squad.
      Since leaving the Royal Marines, David has been awarded a First-Class Bachelor’s degree in Business, and a Master’s degree in International Security. For the past four years, David has led large teams and budgets at the cutting edge of cyberspace development, as well as running his own company. Most recently, David held a senior role in the defence firm, BAE Systems.
      Since being selected as a Parliamentary Candidate in July 2023, David has thrown himself into local life and politics. He has campaigned on several local issues, has spoken with tens of thousands of people across the constituency, and attended many local events. He has also visited several local businesses and organisations to better understand how he can support them.


      David Reed – The Conservative Party Candidate. Photo: with permission.

    • Garry Sutherland – Reform UK
      My name is Garry Sutherland and I am the Reform UK candidate for Exmouth and Exeter East.
      I was born and raised in Lancashire. At the age of 16 I joined the Army and served for 23 years. Following my Army career I worked  for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for 10 years. In 2014 I worked for the MoD for a further 7 years until moving to Devon in 2021.
      Growing up my role models were Edmund Hillary, Sherpa Norgay Tensing, Roger Bannister, Daley Thompson and Ranulph Fiennes.
      I have always enjoyed the benefit of sports and outdoor pursuits. At 17, I was one of the youngest Britons to reach the summit of Mont Blanc. I have trekked to Everest Base Camp, canoed the fjords of Norway and organised two expeditions to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.
      I have coached indoor rowing athletes to 18 national gold medals. I advocate for J4V (Justice For Veterans). I have traced my ancestral genealogy back to Scotland and am a proud member of Clan Sutherland. I enjoy physical exercise, mentoring others and spending time in the garden.
      If elected I aspire to uphold the faith placed in me by those that believe in me. I cannot ask you to trust me. I only hope to earn your trust.
      I would not be where I am today without the support of my friends and family.Exmouth East Devon

The candidates nominated for the Honiton and Sidmouth constituency are:

Name of Candidate/Description of Candidate (if any)

  • Jake Bonetta – Labour Party
  • Vanessa Coxon – Independent
  • Hazel Exon – Party of Women
    I grew up in Exeter, moved “up country” to study and returned to beautiful East Devon to work when I qualified as a solicitor in my mid-thirties.
    I oppose the damaging ideology being pushed in our schools, the NHS and other
    government institutions and the mainstream media.
    We all know that men and women cannot change biological sex yet it’s become an act of
    defiance to state this truth.
    But not speaking out, wherever and whenever we can, has dangerous consequences, for
    example: our schools being used to push this dangerous lie that children can choose which sex
    they would like to be; scarce NHS resources being wasted by surgeons mutilating young people’s bodies and carrying out ineffective “reconstructive surgery”; the prescription of cross-sex hormones/puberty blockers usually leading to irreversible infertility but always to a life-long dependency on pharmaceuticals; men claiming to be women in female-only spaces such as women’s toilets, changing rooms, women’s sports, hospital wards, women’s refuges and even women’s prison cells.
    This issue affects everyone. We are all damaged by living in a society where people are afraid to speak the truth. It’s time to speak up, wherever and whenever you can.

    East Devon

    Hazel Exon – Party of Women.
    Photo: with permission.

  • Richard Foord – Liberal Democrat
  • Henry Gent – Green Party
  • Simon Jupp – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Paul Quickenden – Reform UK

Exeter constituency

  • Will Aczel – Liberal Democrat
    Will was brought up, lives, and works right here in Exeter. He deeply cares about the issues we face. This is borne out by his tireless campaigning and hundreds of doorstep conversations.
    Whether it’s his daily litter-picking, his fundraising for local homelessness charities, his work in Exeter’s independent food sector, or speaking up for his community, Will is passionate about making Exeter a place where we can all thrive.
    Vote for a local champion with fresh energy, perspective, and ideas who puts Exeter’s people and our environment before private profits and dogmatic party politics.
    If, like Will, you care deeply about investment, reform, and public control of our NHS; an action plan to end the disgusting sewage scandal; and, electoral reform to transform our politics for good: vote for real change. Vote Will Aczel for Exeter.
    As Lib Dems, we respect our international commitments and are passionate about standing up for human rights and justice – more important than ever with the current global crises.
    Several tactical voting websites say vote with your heart in Exeter. Together, we can build a better future.


    Will Aczel – Liberal Democrat.
    Photo: with permission.

  • Andrew Bell – Green
    Andrew Bell has lived in Exeter for over 20 years; his children were born in the city and attended local schools. He is a former teacher and previously worked as communications officer to former MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato.
    Green Andrew has been actively involved in the local community in many ways, from being a youth group leader to helping those in need during the Covid pandemic. He deeply values the strong community spirit that makes Exeter special.
    Andrew’s priorities include affordable, warm and secure homes for all; investing in health services so everyone can access a GP and NHS dentist; and cleaning up the River Exe – bringing water companies under public control so they work for people and nature instead of private profit.
    Andrew says: “I would be proud to represent our city in Parliament and push for the policies that will help make Exeter a fairer, greener and healthier city. Exeter needs an MP who is free to stand up for the people and the environment of our great city, not just stand in line to vote as they are told. I am ready to join a group of Green MPs at Westminster!”

    elections East Devon

    Andrew Bell – Green candidate.
    Photo: with permission.

  • Lee Bunker – Reform UK
  • William Poulter – Independent
  • Steve Race – Labour
    Steve Race has been Labour’s candidate for Exeter since being selected by local members in July 2022. He has previously worked for Ben Bradshaw, the outgoing MP, working on personal and policy casework, along with campaigns, for Exeter residents between 2007-2011.
    He has since had a career in business, advising organisations such as a waterways charity, a dementia charity, and several transport companies on policy and communications campaigns. Steve also spent three years working for LloydsPharmacy, raising awareness of the community pharmacy sector and working to achieve a fair funding settlement for the sector.
    Steve’s priorities for Exeter include delivering more NHS dentistry appointment for Exeter, working with parents who are struggling with the SEND crisis, and working with an incoming Government to deliver more support for homeless people. He also believes that Exeter had the potential to be a burgeoning hub for climate tech businesses – delivering some of the solutions to combat and mitigate climate change – and aims to deliver inward investment in Exeter to support and grow our future prosperity.

Steve Race – Labour.
Photo: with permission.

  • Robert Spain – Independent
    Robert is now standing in the General Election to advocate for the right to life for all unborn children. He believes that every human being is precious and deserves the chance to be born and live a righteous life.  For the past 14 years, Robert and his wife Jane have lived in Exeter, actively engaging with their community. They are devoted to preaching repentance and the forgiveness of sins through the message of Jesus Christ.
    Robert grew up in South Africa with a Union Jack flag in his bedroom, always dreaming of living in the United Kingdom. At 11, his parents divorced, causing him significant trauma. Struggling through adulthood, he faced various personal challenges and addictions.
    At 25, Robert moved to London. There, he joined the Alpha Course at Holy Trinity Brompton church and experienced a transformative spiritual encounter, finding a renewed purpose and vision through his faith. Robert’s journey towards recovery was gradual but strengthened over time through his growing dedication to the teachings of the Bible and his faith in Jesus Christ.
    He calls on voters to support his message, emphasizing the sanctity of life as described in Psalm 139, and to send a clear message to the ruling parties that every human life is valuable.


    Robert Spain – Independent.
    Photo: with permission.

  • Tessa Tucker – Conservative
    Tessa Tucker has lived and worked in and around Exeter for over twenty years.
    Tessa’s campaign has been focused on getting the transport infrastructure Exeter needs to help the local economy thrive, and tackling anti-social behaviour so Exeter continues to be a fantastic place to live and work.


    Tessa Tucker – Conservative.
    Photo: with permission.


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