Cranbrook expansion go-ahead: New ‘garden village’ includes building 1,000 homes, primary school, sports and traveller pitches

Cranbrook is to get a new ‘garden village’ of more than 1,000 homes, primary school, sports pitches, traveller pitches, play areas, employment land and allotments, it has been announced.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has rubber stamped plans to expand Cranbrook – the second of four proposals to increase the town.


Image shows the Treasbeare planning permission map, agreed for Cranbrook.

The granted planning permission includes:

  • Up to 1, 035 homes,
  • Five permanent pitches for gypsies and travellers,
  • 25 acres of employment land
  • 85 acres of recreational space
  • Primary school
  • Six sports pitches
  • Sports pavilion

Will Heath, Carden Group CEO, said: “We are delighted to have received planning permission for Treasbeare Garden Village; an exciting new community that will provide over 1,000 high quality new homes and a long list of new facilities including the early provision of a primary school, six sports pitches and sports pavilion, 85 acres of recreational space, a neighbourhood centre and 25 acres of employment land. These facilities will also benefit the existing Cranbrook community.”

He added: “I would like to thank East Devon District Council planning department for their support and proactive approach when determining such a complex planning application.

“We are now looking forward to working with like-minded delivery partners to bring forward high quality new homes, community facilities and employment uses.”

EDDC said  the granted planning permission was for the second of four expansion areas at Cranbrook.

It said the expansion at Treasbeare closely follows the permission issued in April for the Cobdens area, which together ‘will bring forward more than half of the town’s planned growth’.

The planning permission means the development of up to 1,035 homes, five permanent pitches for gypsies and travellers, up to 10 hectares (25 acres) of employment land, a primary school and a sports hub with full-sized artificial grass and turf pitches.

Other community facilities will include a neighbourhood centre, play areas, allotments and large areas of green space, EDDC said.

An EDDC spokesman said: “This second sports hub, together with the existing facility at Ingrams, will serve the whole town of Cranbrook, in this case providing important facilities for a range of sports including rugby, football and tennis.

“To complete Cranbrook’s expansion, additional planning permissions will be required and these are expected to see further homes, sports provision and a community centre together with more play areas, allotments, areas of open space and neighbourhood centres.”

Andy Wood, EDDC interim director of place, said: “Issuing this planning permission is the result of months of work by council officers negotiating with the developers to secure the best form of development for our thriving new community at Cranbrook.

“It will provide much-needed homes and employment opportunities, as well as community facilities for Cranbrook residents.”

He added: “We continue to work with the developers and the community to deliver high quality and sustainable development at Cranbrook.”

Probe into Cranbrook’s maintenance and the upkeep of the district’s new towns is set to cost East Devon taxpayers £80,000

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