SPONSORED: Investigate the supernatural world with Ghostly Nights – a new company based in Exeter is gearing up to unravel the mysteries of Beer Caves in East Devon

SPONSORED POST: A new Paranormal Investigations company operating in Exeter is heading for Beer Caves, in East Devon, this summer.

Ghostly Nights is holding its very first paranormal investigation at Beer Caves on Saturday, August 24, 2024, starting at 2am. Tickets for the event can be booked here.

Are you ready to step beyond the veil? Ghostly Nights invites you to unravel the mysteries that linger in the shadows. From ancient manors to eerie caves, our South West adventures promise spine-tingling encounters.

In the hushed hours of moonlight, amidst the creaking corridors of ancient manor houses and the shadowed corners of forgotten castles, Ghostly Nights emerges as a beacon for those who want to try, and dare seek answers beyond the everyday norm.

Founded in 2024 by the intrepid duo of Matt and Will, and their team Claire and Gemma, this enigmatic organisation, based in Exeter, has carved a niche in the paranormal landscape, blending tradition with cutting-edge investigation techniques.

Ghostly Nights provide a thrilling experience for anyone looking to communicate with the other side, with amazing locations such as Beer Caves, Great Fulford, Old Forde House and Coldharbour Mill; and the list is growing into other areas.


Pictured here is Great Fulford.

The Ghostly Nights team said: “With providing such a different experience, we find that many people who attend events are completely sceptical but are open-minded to try something new and different.

“At Ghostly Nights, we know it can be a difficult thing to go to, especially if it’s your first time but we make it so interactive, comfortable and enjoyable for all.

“We also support local businesses by providing this experience as lots of guests tend to want to book onto a day tour (if applicable) to see the property in the light.”

Beer Caves

Beer Caves is one of the venues to explore for ghostly activity.

Matt and Will, both seasoned investigators, crossed paths during a chilling exploration of a grand mansion near Exeter several years ago.

Their shared fascination with the unknown quickly forged a bond – one that would lead them on countless journeys across the country, unravelling mysteries that lay hidden in the shadows, and then onto an exciting new journey, Ghostly Nights.

They said: “We’re a young team who have years of experience behind us. We’re really passionate about ensuring all events are well-managed, meticulously organised for a well-executed investigation.

“We often, before starting Ghostly Nights, had many guests comment that it was the best investigation they had ever been on to.”


Pictured here is Matt, who co-founded Ghostly Nights


Ghostly Nights invites you to unravel the mysteries that linger in the shadows.

Recognising a void in the market, Ghostly Nights, from Exeter, set out to redefine the ghost-hunting experience. Their events are meticulously organised, professionally executed, and guided by knowledgeable and approachable hosts.

Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or a curious novice, attending a Ghostly Nights event promises an unforgettable night.

The Ghostly Nights team said said: “Each venue on our website holds its very own promotional, professionally made video dedicated to the venue, which not many other companies provide for guests.”


Be part of paranormal investigations.

Explore our unmissable venues at Ghostly Nights:

Shepton Mallet Prison: Where Despair Lingers

The world’s oldest prison, Shepton Mallet, stands as a testament to human suffering. Its cold, damp cells once held hardened criminals, but something more sinister clings to its ancient stones. Visitors report eerie sensations, unexplained footsteps, and fleeting glimpses of spectral figures.

Beer Caves: Whispers from the Depths

Venture underground into the Beer Caves—a labyrinth of tunnels carved by ancient hands. Here, the past echoes through time. Imagine candles flickering, quarrymen toiling, and secrets whispered in the darkness. The Beer Stone pillars seem to hold memories, waiting for curious souls to unravel their mysteries.

Great Fulford: A Tapestry of Centuries

The Fulford estate, nestled in the Devon countryside, boasts over 800 years of history. But it’s not just the grand halls and manicured gardens that draw visitors.
Ghostly apparitions roam the corridors, their stories woven into the very fabric of the manor.

Old Forde House: Where History and Haunting Collide

Newton Abbot’s Old Forde House, with its Tudor beams and leaded windows, hides secrets behind its elegant facade. The grand staircase creaks under invisible footsteps, and portraits seem to watch your every move.

Mansion House: Cardiff’s Enigma

In Cardiff, the mist shrouds Mansion House—a Victorian marvel. Visitors ascend the grand staircase, feeling eyes upon them. Whispers of forbidden love and lost souls linger in the air. The ballroom, once alive with music, now hosts spectral waltzes.

Coldharbour Mill: Threads of the Past

Coldharbour Mill, one of the world’s oldest woollen mills, hums with spiritual energy.
The looms weave more than wool—they spin tales of workers long gone.
This building, filled with stories has a lot to offer and very rarely disappoints.

Why Choose Ghostly Nights?

  • Expert Guides: Our seasoned paranormal investigators lead the way, ensuring a thrilling experience.
  • Historical Depth: Uncover the hidden stories behind each location.
  • Chills Guaranteed: Encounter the supernatural firsthand.

Don’t be scared… or do..

Ghostly Nights

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