No 2024 air show for Sidmouth – town council makes a ‘difficult decision’ to pull this year’s seafront spectacle

Sidmouth air show has been shelved for 2024 after it was revealed the Red Arrows could not take part.

In recent years crowds in their thousands have flocked to Sidmouth seafront to watch the Red Arrows and free aerial entertainment laid on by the town council as part of the annual Regatta celebrations.

But this year the August Regatta celebrations are taking a fresh twist – and the Sidmouth air show a break – after it was announced the Red Arrows are already booked to perform overseas.

Sidmouth Town Council said the ‘difficult decision’ to pull the 2024 airshow had also been driven by cost.

The grand firework display will take place on Saturday, August 25, the council has confirmed.

Future air show and regatta events are being worked on, it assured.


The popular Regatta fireworks will go ahead.
Photo: Adele Salter.

While the town’s 2024 regatta celebrations will not include an airshow, the council said the weekend would be ‘devoted’ to community events.

A spokesman for Sidmouth Town Council said: “Unfortunately this year’s family fun will not feature the Red Arrows who have confirmed to the town council that they will be flying the flag for the UK in North America during the summer.

“Together with other contributing factors, this has led the council to take the difficult decision that the 2024 event will not include an airshow but instead will be devoted to rejuvenating community events.”

He added: “The town council was conscious that external financial support for the airshow has reduced and costs significantly increased since the pandemic, making such air events more challenging without the draw of the ‘star’ display team.”

Regatta organisers aim to compare if the non-airshow event proves as popular with the public as the aerial entertainment.

The town council spokesman added: “The Regatta team will take the opportunity to compare the popularity of a non-air event to previous years where there had been an air show.”

He said the council will use the coming months to work with the event production team on plans for future Regatta and air show events.

Sidmouth Regatta will run from Saturday, August 24 until Sunday, August 25. The grand firework display is planned for the Saturday evening.

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