Women posing as a plain-clothed police officer and carer target homes in Exmouth

A woman posing as a plain-clothed police officer called at a pensioner’s home in Exmouth, while another claiming to be a carer was found in the kitchen of a nearby property.

Police are calling for information, or witnesses, after the homes in the Brixington and Rivermead areas of Exmouth were targeted between the end of January and February 2.

One woman is described as being white, five foot six inches to five foot eight inches tall, wearing a navy or dark-coloured suit. She was well-spoken with no distinguishable accent.

Police said she called at a pensioner’s home, claiming to be plain-clothed police officer asking about CCTV equipment. She was invited inside by the resident and left soon after.

A second resident nearby found a woman wearing a plastic apron in her kitchen who claimed to be a carer but left the property when she was challenged.

Police have described the woman as being aged in her 30s, of a slim build with an Eastern European accent.

Nothing was stolen from either property in Brixington Lane and Elmfield Crescent, police said.

Exmouth police have urged caution when allowing cold-callers into the home, to check for ID,  and advise keeping doors and windows locked in a bid to thwart distraction burglars.

Karen Capey, Police Community Support Officer, said: “Exmouth police have received two reports of suspicious activity.

“The incidents took place sometime between the end of January and the 2nd February In Brixington Lane and Elmfield Crescent.

“A female has knocked on the door of an elderly resident purporting to be a plain clothed police officer and asked him about his CCTV system.

“The male invited the female into his house, when she realised it wasn’t working, she left the property shortly after.”

She added: “The second resident in a road close by randomly found a woman in her kitchen.

“She was wearing a plastic apron and a dark/navy short waist jacket.

“When challenged the female stated she was a carer and promptly left the property.

“No items have been stolen from either property.”

The PCSO said: “It is likely there may have been more incidents that have not been reported to police – possibly because residents are not even aware someone has been in their home.”

Report information by email exmouth@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk or call 999 to report suspicious activity taking place.

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