Jumping for joy – Exeter School celebrates top GCSE marks as three pupils achieve the highest grades in 11 subjects

Exeter School has spoken of its pride in its pupils for their ‘excellent’ GCSE results as three students achieve top marks in 11 exams.

The school said the three pupils who each achieved top marks in 11 subjects were awarded the highest grade nine in every exam.


Their smiles say it all after opening their GCSE results.
Photo: with permission.


Pupils jumping for joy at Exeter School on GCSE results morning.
Photo: with permission.

The trio of Exeter School Year 11 pupils made up 125 youngsters nationally who achieved this academic feat.

The school community said it was celebrating the ‘tremendous achievements’ of its Year 11 pupils, after a quarter of all grades scored at a nine – some five-times the national average for this highest possible award.

It said ‘despite facing various challenges’ to the pupils’ education throughout the pandemic, the students shone, with 49 per cent of grades awarded being grade 8 or 9 and 73 per cent being grade 9, 8 or 7.

The three pupils who achieved eleven grade 9 GCSEs each are going on to study maths in the school’s sixth form with a mix of sciences, history and economics subjects alongside.

Louise Simpson, Exeter School headteacher, called the results ‘excellent’ and credited the ‘diligent’ pupils and ‘excellent teaching’.

She said: “We are deeply proud of each and every pupil, for their hard work, their tenacity and their ability to overcome the challenges that the past few years have thrown at them.

“We look forward to welcoming them into the sixth form and seeing what exciting times lie ahead.”

Luigi Chu, the school’s head of Sixth Form, said: “Along with everyone in the sixth form team, I warmly congratulate all our Year 11 pupils on their well-deserved success at GCSE.

“My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming them back to school as they embark on the exciting new challenges and experiences that await them in our sixth form.

“These two years, as our most senior pupils in the school, represent such an enriching and character-forming time in their all-round, academic and character education, and we look forward to supporting and guiding them in this part of their preparation for life beyond school.”

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