Elderly dog trapped in weeds down a riverbank in East Devon is rescued by firefighters

An elderly dog tangled in weeds and trapped down a riverbank in East Devon was pulled to safety by firefighters on Monday afternoon (August 7).

Firefighters from Axminster were called to an area of the River Axe, in East Devon, by a concerned dog owner who needed help to rescue their pet after she became stuck six-feet down a bank.

The crew pulled the 15-year-old collie to safety and lifted her back onto the bank above, to be reunited with the pet’s brother and owner.

East Devon

The 15-year-old dog was rescued by firefighters.
Photo: Axminster Fire Station.

An Axminster Fire Station spokesperson said: “Fire control received a call from a member of the public reporting their dog trapped in the River Axe due to being tangled in some weeds and unable to get down the embankment to try and haul the dog out.

“Control immediately mobilised Axminster and a supporting officer to attend.

“Once on scene crews made their way on foot to meet the caller and confirmed one 15-year -old Collie stuck in the river near to the riverbank approximately six-feet down, beneath some trees.”


The dog was pulled up after getting stuck in weeds down a bank on the River Axe.
Photo: Axminster Fire Station.

The crew assessed the river bank, planned a route down to the trapped dog, and a firefighter went to the pet’s aid

The spokesperson added: “Fortunately once close enough to the dog the crew member was able to grab a hold of the dog and pull it to safety.

“The dog was then passed up the bank to a waiting crew member and then handed back to the owner and the dog’s brother, who had been keeping a close eye on crew while we rescued her.”

East Devon

The dog’s brother kept a watchful eye on the rescue mission.
Photo: Axminster Fire Station.


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