Potential spring 2024 date for the installation of cameras to catch motorists ignoring no entry signs at an Exeter ‘temporary Covid’ now-permanent road layout

Cameras to catch motorists ignoring no entry signs in an area of Exeter where ‘temporary’ Covid road layouts became permanent fixtures could be in place by spring 2024.

The route is just yards long, but motorists must travel a route of more than a mile to reach the other side, now the no entry – bus and cycle-only – restrictions have been installed.

Cameras could be installed along a road in Exeter where some drivers are still ignoring ‘no entry’ signs, writes local democracy reporter Ollie Heptinstall.

A filter was installed on Wonford Road in 2021, permitting access only for buses and bicycles to help improve conditions for them, but Councillors were told this week that many other vehicles are still driving through.

Speaking at an Exeter highways and traffic orders meeting on Monday [July 24], highways officer James Bench said the authority is “aware of ongoing complaints regarding contraventions at this location.”

He revealed a CCTV survey was undertaken at the end of April to “fully understand driver behaviour.” It found that during a period of five days between 6am and midnight, more than a hundred vehicle contraventions were recorded each day.

“Officers have worked with police, who are also attending the site to enforce, and the police have encouraged the public to submit any footage of contraventions to Operation Snap,” Mr Bench said.

“Additionally, the police have also agreed that any contraventions captured by our CCTV camera can also be considered via the same process.”

He added the council is considering the site as part of potential new powers from the government to enforce ‘moving traffic offences’ in some areas, which will allow Devon to put up monitoring cameras and dish out fines.

The offences include driving through a ‘no entry’ sign, driving the wrong way up a one-way street, entering yellow box junctions when there is no clear exit, and driving in bus lanes.

If Devon’s application is successful, the powers could be in place by next March.

The update comes after the area’s county Councillor, Labour’s Carol Whitton (St David’s & Haven Banks), reported concerns that the bus gate on Wonford Road has increased through traffic on neighbouring Victoria Park Road.

She was told the traffic on Victoria Park Road is “below 2,000 vehicles a day, and therefore, according to DfT guidance, most potential cyclists should be comfortable cycling along that road and it would be difficult to justify any other interventions … in this area at this time.”

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