East Devon firefighters confirm bonfire left to burn was ‘at risk’ of setting fire to a grass field

Thick black smoke seen coming an unattended bonfire in East Devon was at risk of spreading to a field of dry grass, firefighters have confirmed.

Firefighters from Axminster were called to Trill, just outside the town, on Sunday (June 18) after smoke was seen from two miles away.

When the crews arrived the found a bonfire left to burn had spread to a nearby bank and was close to setting fire to a neighbouring grass field.


Smoke from the fire could be seen two miles away.
Photo: Axminster Fire Station.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Fire control received a couple of calls reporting thick black smoke coming from near a property in Trill just outside of Axminster.

“Control immediately mobilised Axminster to attend.

“While on route crews confirmed a large plume of black smoke which was visible from two miles away and used this to their advantage to navigate to exactly where the fire was due to the caller being unsure on the exact location of the fire.

“Once in attendance crews confirmed one out of control bonfire with nobody in attendance that had already spread up a surrounding bank and was at risk of setting light to an adjacent field of dry grass.”

East Devon

The fire was at risk to spreading to a grass field. Photo: Axminster Fire Station.

Firefighters tackling the blaze used two hose reel jets and drag fork to turn over the ground.

The fire station spokesperson added: “Crews quickly extinguished the fire fully and were happy it would not spread further or re-ignite.”

See here for bonfire safety advice.

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