Yacht taking on water off Sidmouth is towed to safety by East Devon lifeboat crews

A stricken yacht taking on water off Sidmouth on Monday evening (June 5) was towed to safety by lifeboat volunteers.

Exmouth all-weather lifeboat teamed up with Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat after a yacht was reported to be in difficulty with engine problems, and was taking on water.

The yacht was towed back to Exmouth marina by the town’s lifeboat crew, accompanied by the Sidmouth lifeboat.


The launch of the Exmouth all-weather lifeboat.
Photo: Chris Sims/RNLI.

An Exmouth RNLI spokesman said: “The lifeboat launched at 6.52pm and made their way to the location of the vessel that had encountered engine difficulties and was taking on water.

“They liaised with their Sidmouth colleagues and took the boat in tow to Exmouth Marina, escorted by the Sidmouth lifeboat.”


The yacht was towed to safety.
Photo: Geoff Mills/RNLI.

Exmouth RNLI said the on-tow yacht arrived at the marina at 9.20pm, where the town’s Coastguard was waiting to give safety advice.

“Once the vessel and its occupant were safe and secure, HM Coastguard stood down both lifeboats at 9.40pm,” the RNLI spokesman said.


Exmouth inshore lifeboat escorting the yacht back to the marina.
Photo: Ed Steele/RNLI.

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