Trapped calf is reunited with its herd thanks to East Devon firefighters

A calf stuck near a weir on farmland in East Devon on Sunday afternoon (June 4) was led to safety by firefighters.

The young animal was reported to be stuck in small stream by a weir in Axminster, East Devon, after she became separated from its herd.

When the Axminster fire station crew arrived, they found the cow had made her way to dry land.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Fire control received a call from a farmer reporting a cow that had become separated from its herd and had become stuck by a weir in a small stream.

Control immediately mobilised an Animal Rescue Tactical Advisor and our crew from Axminster to attend.

“Once on scene our crews were met by the farmer who directed our crews to where the cow had become stuck.”

The crew wore life jackets and used specialist equipment to reach the calf and lead it away from the water.

The fire station spokesperson said: “Once crews had been led to the cow, they were able to confirm the cow was not in the water or affected by the weir and had in fact found its way onto a small amount of land adjacent to the stream.

“Crews were able to successfully lead the cow to safety using one general purpose line and released the cow back into its herd.”

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