Affordable homes, traveller pitches, schools and takeaway restaurants are among plans for a new housing development coming near Cranbrook

More than 200 affordable homes, traveller pitches, takeaway restaurants, schools and a cemetery have been agreed for a new housing development of 1,500 properties near Cranbrook.

Nearly 1,500 new homes are to be built just east of Cranbrook, writes local democracy reporter Rob Kershaw.

The plans are on top of 1,000 already approved for the town, but this proposed development comes with a new cemetery too.

The development is at a settlement called Cobden, for which East Devon District Council has approved 1,435 properties, of which 216 will be classed as affordable.

As well as residential accommodation, the proposal also includes 10 traveller pitches, takeaway restaurants, pubs, a primary school and a school for children with special needs.

The outline application was unanimously approved by the council’s planning committee on Tuesday (April 25).

E.ON’s energy mishap in December was cited as a concern, as the development will be hooked up to Cranbrook’s heating network.

Independent councillor Kim Bloxham said that the heating service is “unacceptable,” and that too many mistakes are being made by the company.

Conservative colleague Cllr Richard Lawrence questioned the traveller pitches’ placement in the middle of potential flood risk zones, while Liberal Democrat councillor Steve Gazzard brought attention to an increase in pressure on GP surgeries.

His Lib Dem colleague Cllr Sarah Chamberlain and Green Cllr Olly Davey both pushed for adequate pedestrian and cycle links in and out of Exeter.

A cycle route will eventually join into London Road, as part of a wider plan by Devon County Council to improve that road.

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