Axminster: Firefighters rescue two dogs and a woman after a crashed car is spotted in a ditch

Pet dogs and a woman were rescued from a car in a ditch after a crash in Axminster on Monday afternoon (April 24).

Firefighters from East Devon were called shortly before 2pm to rescue a woman ‘due to medical reasons’, after a report a car was in a ditch in the Axminster area.

After two dogs inside the vehicle were taken to safety, fire crews removed the car door to rescue the casualty. She was taken to hospital by ambulance.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Once on scene crews confirmed a single vehicle road traffic collision with one adult driver and two dogs still within the vehicle.

“Crews quickly gained access to the car and removed two dogs from the rear seats who were both secured in place by seatbelt harnesses.

“By safely removing the dogs it allowed our crew to commit one firefighter as a casualty carer for the driver of the vehicle.”


A view of the scene. Photo: Axminster Fire Station.

Firefighters from Axminster and Colyton were called to the crash, where they made the vehicle safe and removed the car’s passenger door, in a bid to free the driver.

The Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “While a quick assessment of the casualty was being undertaken crews got to work to make the vehicle safe through an electrical shutdown using small tools while awaiting the attendance of the ambulance to formulate a plan to remove the casualty from the vehicle.

“Once the ambulance was on scene, they conducted a further assessment of the casualty and the decision was made to remove the passenger door to create more space to safely extricate the casualty. This was done using small tools again.”

The spokesperson added: “Once removed from the vehicle the casualty was left in the hands of the ambulance service prior to being transported to hospital.

“Duty of care for the scene was left in the hands with police.”

The fire service said the emergency services responded after reports of a car in a ditch with a person inside.

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Reports were coming in of a single vehicle collision with one vehicle having left the highway and coming to rest in a ditch with one person still within the vehicle.

“One fire engine from Axminster and one from our Colyton stations were mobilised immediately.

“On arrival crews confirmed one female was still within the vehicle and due to medical reasons required our assistance to be freed.

“Crews removed a door of the vehicle using small tools in order to access the patient and were then able to assist them safety.”

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