Beach Hut Watch launches in Seaton as the police and the town council team up to crackdown on seafront anti-social behaviour

Beach hut owners in Seaton are invited to sign up to a new police project aimed at taking the sting out of burglaries or vandalism.

Seaton police team has joined forces with the town council to launch Beach Hut Watch, inviting those with the seafront structures to register to be notified if they fall victim to vandals or burglars.

Police said beach hut owners signing up to take part can quickly assess any damage because they will be  contacted ‘promptly’ if they leave their details.

They hope beach-goers will become the ears and eyes of community, in a bid to crackdown on anti-social behaviour on Seaton seafront.

PC Sam Parfett said: “When you think of Seaton, you’ll no doubt think of the many brightly coloured beach huts against the beautiful backdrop of Beer Head, and perhaps even a seagull divebombing to steal your food.

“We know how proud owners are of their huts, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy their time by the sea without the worry of waking up to find their hut damaged or broken into.”

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “The scheme is aimed at encouraging and growing a network of responsible beach-goers who are the eyes and ears of the community.

“By joining this scheme, you will help our collective efforts to strengthen ourselves against the likelihood of crime and anti-social behaviour on our sea front.”

They added: “Seaton Neighbourhood Policing Team and Seaton Town Council are working in partnership to launch Beach Hut Watch.

“This is a new initiative aimed at beach hut users and owners who can register their details with the local police to ensure that in the unlikely event of any incident, they can be contacted promptly to assess and report any damage.”


Seaton Neighbourhood Policing Team and Seaton Town Council are working in partnership to launch Beach Hut Watch.
Image: Devon and Cornwall Police

Sign-up forms can be found at the Tourist Information Centre on Seaton Esplanade. Staff will pass details on to police.

And officers plan to sign-up beach hut users during patrols of the sea front.

The police spokesperson said: “Those who join will also be given the opportunity to sign up to Devon and Cornwall Alert, a two-way messaging system where you can share and receive information with the police, and they will receive Neighbourhood Watch stickers and advice around keeping their hut safe.”

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