Disposable barbecue causes an East Devon seafront beach bin blaze – prompting warnings from the emergency services

A blaze on an East Devon seafront caused by a hot disposable barbecue left in a bin has prompted the fire service to call for care this summer.

Firefighters were called to the bin blaze during the recent school holidays as a result of a hot barbecue thrown away among rubbish.

The fire service said any disposable barbecue used away from the home should be properly cooled and extinguished, using water or sand.

East Devon

Fire service information leaflets highlighting barbecue safety after the bin blaze in Seaton.
Photo: Devon and Cornwall Police.

The fire service was called to Seaton seafront, East Devon, after a member of the public spotted the bin on fire, and flagged down the police.

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “This is another example of a disposable BBQ that has not been put out properly.

“We don’t recommend using disposable barbecues, but if you are going to use one, please make sure you put it out – right out. Use water or sand to cool the barbecue down.”

The rural East Devon police team said anyone using a throw-away barbecue should ‘dispose of hot ashes safely in the metal bins provide’.

East Devon

The disposable barbecue was spotted on fire in a beach bin.
Photo: Devon and Cornwall Police.

The fire service said disposable barbecues have been the cause of a ‘large number’ of wildfires in recent years.

Some three years ago, in 2020, 171 Devon and Somerset firefighters spent 70 hours tackling a blaze in Kingswear, South Devon, which the service said was caused by a disposable barbecue.

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