PHOTOS: Lifeboat crew rescues a dog cut off by the tide and stuck on the rocks at Beer

A dog stuck on rocks, cut off by the tide at Beer, was reunited with its owners after being rescued by the Sidmouth lifeboat crew.

Pip the dog climbed around rocks to Kings Hole, at Beer, on Wednesday morning (February 8) but struggled to get back, resulting in a call to the Coastguard.

The dog was returned to its owners after Beer Coastguard Rescue Team responded, resulting in the launch of the Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat – whose crew brought the vessel alongside the rocks to reach Pip.


Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat rescued the dog – Pip is seen here sitting on the rocks.
Photo: Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

A Beer Coastguard Rescue Team spokesperson said: “Pip had climbed around rocks to Kings Hole but then could not get back.

“The owner could talk to Pip but could not get Pip to come back.

“Although the sea was flat calm, the area around the rock was too dangerous for us to attempt a rescue, the tide was high so a lifeboat was requested.

“On its arrival Sidmouth lifeboat managed to get in against the rock and put a crew member ashore.

“Pip was unsure of the crew member and eventually tried to chamber back over the rocks but slipped and fell into the sea, but managed to get back to our location.

“Thankfully there were no injuries and Pip went home with the owners.”


Pip the dog can be seen on the rocks, left.
Photo: Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

The lifeboat crew at Sidmouth launched at around 7.45am, after the dog was reported to be in difficulty.

A Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat spokeswoman said: “Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard rescue a dog stranded on the rocks at King’s Hole, Beer.

“Sidmouth 2 was launched and upon arriving on scene, the crew were able to place the bow against the rocks and assist the dog back to the shore, and to its grateful owners.”


Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat put a crew member on the rocks, left, to rescue the dog.
Photo: Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

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