Paw-some pooch Monty leaves Exmouth on a SIX-YEAR coast walk with his owner to raise half a million pounds for the RNLI

Monty, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Exmouth, and his owner have set off on a six-year dog walk of thousands of miles in a bid to raise half a million pounds for the RNLI.

Pet dog Monty took the lead on Friday morning (January 20), setting off from Exmouth to visit as many lifeboat stations as possible, with his owner, Tim Jones.

The pair, who will be living in a tent while away, hopes the coast walk adventure will raise £500,000 for the sea safety charity.

They have set up a fundraising page for RNLI donations – and a separate online appeal to raise £5,000 for their own day-to-day ‘survival fund’ while the pair tackle the epic dog walk.

Monty and Tim have a Facebook page for supporters to follow their challenge.


The pair will visit as many lifeboat stations as they can on their epic walk.
Photo: Exmouth RNLI.

Tim, aged 33, hopes the public and businesses will back the pair while they walk, donating money, food, water, equipment and accommodation.

He said the walk was a personal goal that had been put on hold until the time was right.

Tim said: “My dog Monty and I will be walking the entire British coastline clockwise, starting at Exmouth RNLI station and heading down to Land’s End, up to Bristol, then through Wales and so on.

“There are a lot of ‘estimates’ of the distance involved, but including the islands; it’s about 20,000 miles.

“We’re not limited for time, but expect it to take five or six years.

“We will be living in a tent, and getting food and water where we can, as I’m trying to keep weight down.

He added: “As you could imagine, we’ll be starting with very little money, so we will be relying entirely on the goodwill of the British public and companies to help us survive – by donating what money, food, water, equipment and accommodation possible they can on each leg of our journey.”

Tim said: “The walk is something I’ve wanted to achieve for a few years but circumstances have prevented me.”


Monty with his owner, Tim.
Photo: Exmouth RNLI.


Tim and Monty.
Photo: with permission.

Dog lover Tim said he plans to walk thousands of miles around the coastline with Monty in recognition of the RNLI volunteers’ work.

He said: “I’ve always admired the difficult work of the RNLI volunteers and so choosing an appropriate charity to support was fairly easy.

“The route I’m taking will, I hope, include the Isle of Man and the Scottish islands and I’ll be relying solely on the goodwill of the public to support me along the way in whatever way they can.”


Monty and Tim set off from Exmouth lifeboat station on Friday morning (January 20).
Photo: Exmouth RNLI.

Des White, Exmouth RNLI fundraising team chair, who set off with Tim as he left the town’s lifeboat station, praised the ‘incredible’ challenge.

He said: “I hope everyone will help support Tim on his travels and, on behalf of everyone at Exmouth RNLI, would like to thank him for supporting the RNLI and wish him the very best of luck in his endeavours.”

  • Donate to Monty and Tim’s survival fund here.


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