East Devon fire crews are called after a person is reported to be trapped in an overturned car near Axminster

A person was reported to be trapped inside an overturned car after a crash near Axminster on Wednesday (December 28)

Fire crews from East Devon were called to the A358 between Axminster and Musbury where they found a car on its roof, blocking the road.

When firefighters from Axminster and Colyton arrived at the scene, they found the driver was free of the crashed car, so gave first aid until paramedics arrived, and checked no one else was trapped.

A spokesperson for Axminster Fire Station said: “Fire control received a call reporting a single vehicle road traffic collision with a person reported to be stuck within one of the vehicles.

“Control immediately mobilised Axminster along with Colyton Fire Station and a supporting officer.

“Once on scene, crews confirmed a single vehicle RTC that had rolled over and was blocking the road.

“Fortunately, the single occupant was clear of the vehicle upon our arrival.

“Crews got to work conducting casualty care while awaiting the ambulance service.”


Photo: Axminster Fire Station.

Firefighters used specialist cutting equipment to check no one was trapped inside the car.

The vehicle was turned upright on its wheels and moved so traffic could pass.

The Axminster Fire Station spokesperson added: “The crew stabilised the car using chocks and investigated to ensure there were no other persons involved.

“Crews also made entry to the vehicle using hydraulic cutting equipment and an electric saw to make sure there were no persons within the vehicle.

“The car was then isolated using small tools and righted to re-open one carriageway of the road.”

The fire service left the incident with police.


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