Firefighters tackling a car blaze near Seaton praise the quick-thinking driver

Firefighters who tackled a car blaze near Seaton have praised a motorist for immediately leaving their vehicle when they smelled burning.

A crew from Colyton was called to Boshill Cross, near Seaton, on Sunday (September 25), where they brought the blaze under control using fire-fighting foam.

The driver of the car called the emergency services after noticing the smell of smoke, the fire service said.

The Colyton fire crew urged motorists to immediately stop and exit vehicles if a burning smell is noticed, leave possessions inside, and call 999 away from the danger.

A spokesperson for the fire station said: “The crew from Colyton were called to a car on fire.  They quickly got it under control using compressed air foam.

“The owner of the vehicle acted quickly, as soon as they smelt smoke, they stopped the vehicle and called 999, staying well away.”

The fire crew issued a safety message, warning motorists to act swiftly to any risk of vehicle fire or toxic fumes.

The spokesperson at Colyton added: “Stop your car if you smell burning and dial 999 immediately from a safe distance. Don’t try and get belongings out as the smoke is unbreathable.”


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