Consultation is launched in Colyford as village bids for its own identity and parish council

Calls for Colyford to have its own sense of identity and parish council are a step closer to becoming reality through the launch of a public consultation.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) has published proposals for creating a new council for the proposed new parish of Colyford after residents launched a bid to break away from neighbouring Colyton.

EDDC said a three-month consultation had begun, ending on November 22, and outlined the proposals on the table for creating a new parish boundary and council.

The district council said the new authority would be known as Colyford Parish Council.

Included in the proposals, EDDC said seven members would sit around the council table and the new authority would take effect with parish council elections in May 2023.

A further consultation would be held at a later date, setting out a proposed boundary of the new parish council.

The district council said it recognised Colyford village’s ‘clear desire’ for a separate identity and governance, away from neighbouring town Colyton.

Residents are urged to take part in the consultation process and ‘fine-tuning’ of the proposals, in a bid to make their views known.

Councillor Sarah Jackson, EDDC portfolio holder for democracy, transparency and communications said: “I sincerely thank all those who have exercised their democratic right by contributing feedback to the Colyton-Colyford governance review.

“It is evident from the recent consultation that the residents of Colyford feel a sense of identity separate from that of Colyton, and a clear desire to be self-governed via the formation of a new parish council, and so I am pleased to see this governance review progress to the next stage.

“It is, however, important that the proposal is now refined and fine-tuned. Part of this will be to determine where exactly the boundary between the parishes will fall.

“I strongly encourage all those who are consulted on the draft proposal to fully engage with the process so that your views are considered and taken on board.”

EDDC said a formal period of three months’ consultation, which began on August 23 and runs until November 22, 2022, was required for the draft proposals.

“If the proposal proceeds there will be a consequential change to the number of members representing Colyton Parish Council,” EDDC said.

Colyford residents lobbied the district council for change at the end of 2021, highlighting the village’s sense of identity, pride and history, dating back more than 800 years.

EDDC learned Colyford was one of the largest settlements in East Devon without its own parish council.

‘We have our own sense of identity’ – Colyford bids to break away from Colyton and form own parish council


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