Work begins on under-track culvert crucial to Feniton flood prevention scheme

Work is under way on an undertrack rail crossing crucial to finishing a long-awaited scheme to protect 65 Feniton homes from flooding.

A large culvert pipe will link to drainage works which will divert surface water away from the East Devon village.

It is the third phase of a project to safeguard dwellings and prevent disruption to the primary school and local transport.

Driving forces behind the bid have made the most of a five-day closure of the train line.

Work on the under-track crossing began on Monday, August 29. The culvert is expected to be completed by October 7.

An East Devon District Council (EDDC) spokesperson said: “The railway crossing work has been planned for many years but has been delayed due to its high-risk, complex nature and funding for the project.

“However, Network Rail’s contractors are making use of a five-day rail closure for works elsewhere on the railway.

“The scheme will involve the building of a works compound and a manhole chamber on either side of the railway, before making use of the railway closure for engineering works to place the culvert under the railway. These works are due to completed by October 7, 2022.

“The works on either side of the railway will generally be limited to the normal working hours, however, due to the limited time, it may need to take place over 24 hours from September 19 for up to five days.

“Therefore, there will be both noise and vehicular disruption to the local area to which we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

“EDDC asks people not to congregate on the highway bridge next to the works, as this bridge is narrow with no footway and will have increased vehicle movements.

“Also, both sides of the railway are private property with no public access.”

Date set for long-awaited under-track rail work crucial to Feniton flood prevention scheme

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