Celebrations in Cranbrook as students make the grade with ‘phenomenal’ GCSE results

‘Phenomenal’ GCSE pass rates are being celebrated at Cranbrook Education Campus – the first set of results from students being able to sit their exams.

Pupils achieved, on average, over half a grade more than the Government expectation in each of their GCSE subjects. These results put the school well above national average, placing it as one of the top schools regionally and within the top 20 per cent of schools nationally.

Stephen Farmer, head of campus, said he was ‘immensely proud’ of the pupils’ achievements.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted and so unbelievably proud of our year 11s and all that they have achieved.

“After the turbulent times of the past couple of years, and in a year where the majority of pupils have sat over 20 exams, their stunning results reflect their resilience, determination and unwavering effort to do their best.

“They have certainly risen to the challenge of their GCSEs and I am exceptionally proud of each and every one of our pupils and what they have achieved.”

He added: “It has been a true team effort, with pupils, staff and parents working together to ensure that all our pupils have the best possible experience at the campus and achieve excellent outcomes which lead to fantastic opportunities.

“This year shows what an impact that team approach can have. The maturity and independence that pupils have shown this year with regards to their learning leaves me in no doubt that that they will go on to even greater successes in the next stage of their education. I wish them all the luck in the world.”


Some students were overjoyed at their results.
Cranbrook Education Campus.


Photo: Cranbrook Education Campus.


Photo: Cranbrook Education Campus

Cranbrook Education Campus said performance indicators showed that 45 per cent of pupils achieved grades 9-5 in English and Maths combined and 64 per cent achieved grades 9-4 in English and Maths combined – the Government’s ‘Basics’ indicator for both a ‘strong pass’ and ‘standard pass’ respectively.

The 2019 national average for a Basics ‘strong pass’ was 43 per cent, highlighting the school’s pupils did better than their peers nationally, the campus said.


All smiles after opening the GCSE results.
Cranbrook Education Campus


Photo: Cranbrook Education Campus.


Photo: Cranbrook Education Campus.

Cranbrook Education Campus said 26 per cent of all grades awarded were 9-7 – and 11 per cent were grades 9-8, highlighting the ‘excellent dedication’ from its pupils.

There were a number of individual successes including:

  • Ella Greed – 8 * Grade 9, 1 * Grade 8 and a Distinction in performing arts
  • Jack Bennett – 7 * Grade 9 and 2 * Grade 8
  • Brooke Whybra – 3 * Grade 9, 4 * Grade 8, 2 * Grade 7 and a Distinction in Enterprise
  • Emily Kelly – 1 * Grade 9, 6 * Grade 8 and 2 * Grade 7
  • Trinity Ricketts – 2 * Grade 9, 3 * Grade 8, 4 * Grade 7 and a Distinction in performing arts
  • Lewis Attwood – 2 * Grade 9, 3 * Grade 8 and 3 * Grade 7

Year 10 pupils who sat their GCSE English Literature this year also did a ‘great job’ with 30 per cent of pupils achieving a Grade 9-7.

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