Abandoned clothes left ‘neatly’ on a rock on an East Devon beach sparks a search of the sea

A pile of clothes abandoned on a rock on an East Devon beach sparked a coastal search on foot and by lifeboat.

Beer Coastguard Rescue Team was on Thursday evening (August 4) alerted to search when a polo shirt and pair of pyjamas was spotted on Seaton Hole beach, East Devon, and no one nearby, or swimming in the sea.

The RNLI and two coastguard teams searched the sea and shore but found no sign of anyone in the water or on the beach.

East Devon

The clothes were neatly laid out on a rock.
Photo: Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

A Beer Coastguard Rescue Team spokesperson said: “A pile of clothes were left neatly on a rock. No persons were visible in the sea and there was no ID in the clothes.

“We had concerns that somebody had not returned from a swim.

“Lyme Regis lifeboat did a search at sea while the Beer and Lyme Regis coastguard teams searched from the river mouth to Beer beach along the coast.”

They added: “No persons had been reported missing and with nothing found on the searches, all units were stood down.”

Police said the abandoned clothing was discovered on the beach at 8.30pm, sparking enquiries to be carried out in the Seaton area.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: “Police were notified at 8.30pm on 4th August to reports of clothing being found at Seaton Hole beach

“A Coastguard search of the area was undertaken and additionally local police enquiries were made to identify any missing persons.

“All searches and enquiries were negative and the log has been closed.”

East Devon

The clothes found on Seaton Hole beach.
Photo: Beer Coastguard Rescue Team.

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