Two-day police sting to tackle rural crime in East Devon is hailed a success

Police from four East Devon towns have joined forces in a two-day sting in a bid to tackle rural crime.

Officers based in Honiton, Sidmouth, Seaton and Axminster recently teamed up  in marked and unmarked vehicles, to patrol country lanes, farmland and a host of East Devon rural locations.

In a clamp-down on crime, police stopped late-night vehicles, agricultural machinery, tractors and motorists traveling along rural roads in a clamp-down on crime.

State-of-the art technology was used by police to identify stolen goods and machinery.

The police team hailed the sting a success and plan to repeat the action in the future.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson said: “Officers based in Honiton, Sidmouth, Seaton and Axminster have joined forces and taken to country lanes, farmland and other rural areas in both marked and unmarked vehicles to reassure the local community and deter those intent on committing offences.

“The operation involved vehicles travelling on the roads late at night being stopped and spoken with regarding the purpose of their journey, with the increased police presence being welcomed by a number of local individuals.

“Tractors, vehicles carrying trailers and a range of other vehicles were stopped and spoken to, thankfully all of which were on legitimate business.”

Police said PC Sam Parfett, Neighbourhood Beat Manager for Seaton and a rural advisor for East Devon spearheaded the two-day summer sting.

In conjunction with the Devon and Cornwall Police Rural Affairs Team, he helped identify any potential stolen goods, after completing training with Datatag – state-of-the art security technology used to track and identify stolen machinery.

“We are pleased to report the success of the operation, and intend to repeat this over the coming months where we will include resources from across a range of departments including Roads Policing, Drones, Rural Affairs and our colleagues from both Dorset and Avon and Somerset Police,” said the police spokesperson.

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