Paddle boarders stranded on sandbank 300m off Budleigh Salterton rescued by Exmouth RNLI

A pair of paddle boarders stranded on a sandbank off Budleigh Salterton had to be be rescued by the RNLI. 

The Exmouth inshore lifeboat was alerted when a 999 call was made over the stricken pair – stuck 300 metres off Brandy Head – at around 7.30pm on Tuesday, August 2.

Both were taken to safety and were uninjured.

An Exmouth RNLI spokesperson said: “The volunteer lifesavers launched at 7.39pm and sped to the locality, quickly locating the two stranded individuals.

“Crew conducted a safety assessment and then took both casualties, who had inflatable paddleboards, on to the lifeboat and to the beach near the River Otter.

“At the request of the RNLI crew, Exmouth HM Coastguard Rescue Team also attended to safely assist the casualties from the beach to Lyme Kiln Car Park, Budleigh Salterton.

“Neither were injured or required medical attention and the Exmouth RNLI lifesavers stood down at 8.20pm.”

Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat crew who took part in the rescue were helm Guy Munnings, Nick Wright and James Searle.

Other volunteers involved were deputy launch authority Mike Acred and shore
crew Jason Luff, Jake Richards, Rory Carrig, John Dinsdale and Steve

RNLI safety advice regarding paddle boarding can be found here.

The charity says that, if you find yourself in an emergency situation or spot someone else in trouble,
call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.

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