Kids playing with matches cause accidental barn blaze near Axminster, prompting a warning from East Devon firefighters

Children playing with matches accidentally started a barn blaze, prompting a warning from East Devon firefighters.

Crews from three counties were at the weekend called to tackle the blaze at an agricultural building between Axminster and Chard, which destroyed bales and property.

East Devon firefighters have urged parents to keep matches and lighters away from children, and teach youngsters about the dangers of playing with them.

A Colyton Fire Station spokesperson said: “The Colyton crew joined up with crews from Chard, Charmouth and Lyme Regis at the weekend to tackle a barn fire in between Axminster and Chard.

“Sadly the barn couldn’t be saved and the crews damped down the surrounding areas to prevent the fire spreading.

“This fire was accidentally caused by children playing with matches.”

The fire station spokesperson added: “Most children have a natural curiosity about fire which can show in little ones as young as two years old.

“However, sometimes, this interest in fire can escalate and develop into something more serious.

“Always keep lighters and matches out of reach of children and teach them about the effect that starting fires can have on themselves and others.”

  • For more advice about children and fire prevention, see here.

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