Jet-ski rider is left shaken after briefly losing control off Exmouth

The rider of a jet-ski was left shaken but uninjured after briefly losing control of his vessel off Exmouth.

Exmouth inshore lifeboat launched on Tuesday evening (July 12) to Mamhead slipway after it was reported a jet-ski pulling an inflatable temporarily lost control when its tow line became snagged.

The RNLI volunteers brought the jet-ski and inflatable to shore at Exmouth.

The male rider of the jet-ski was not injured did not need any medical attention, the RNLI said.

A spokesman for the town’s RNLI crew said: “The volunteer crew were quickly on the scene where it was established that the jet-ski was towing an inflatable when the tow line became entangled around a lateral marker post off Mamhead Slipway, causing the craft to temporarily lose control.

“The lifeboat crew, David Preece, Mark Champion and Ed Thomas, assessed the situation and, having established that no one was injured or in danger, managed to safeguard the jet-ski and bring it and the inflatable to shore.

“Although the rider of the vessel was shaken as a result of the accident, he did not require medical attention.”

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