Firefighters from Colyton tackle car blaze near Axminster

Firefighters from East Devon used fire retardant foam to tackle a blaze to a car near Axminster.

A crew from Colyton was called to Shute, near Axminster, early on Friday (June 24), where they found a car on fire.

Firefighters used compressed air foam to extinguish the vehicle blaze.

A Colyton Fire Station spokesperson said: “The Colyton crew had an early start to the day with a car on fire in Shute.

“They quickly dealt with the incident using a compressed air foam system (CAFS) which delivers fire retardant foam for the purpose of extinguishing a fire.”

The Colyton firefighters urged motorists to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of vehicles catching fire.

Safety measures include regular car maintenance, pre-journey checks, and taking notice of any vehicle warning lights.

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (DSFRS)e spokesperson said: “Keeping up-to-date on your service and MOT will reduce the risk of your car catching fire. Most fires we attend could have been prevented with regular car maintenance.

“You can reduce your risk of having a car fire by making some simple pre-journey checks. Your vehicle manual or a reputable car garage can recommend the little things to look for such as checking oil, tyres and coolant levels. Don’t ignore warning lights – these are early indicators of a potential problem.”

DSFRS added: “Each year we help around 650 people whose vehicle has caught fire. Fires are most likely to start when you’re driving which can be a terrifying experience.”

  • For more DSFRS safety information, see here.

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