Vandal-hit public toilets in Seaton reopen under reduced hours in bid to prevent further damage

Graffiti—hit public toilets in Seaton have been reopened under reduced hours to discourage vandals from targeting the facilities again.

Loos in Thury Harcourt Place sustained some of the worst spray-paint damage East Devon District Council (EDDC) has ever seen.

They were back in action on Friday, June 17.

EDDC says that ‘extensive issues over a long period of time’ and ‘the impact on time and resources’ means access will be restricted for a fortnight.

The toilets have initially reopened between 8am and 5pm.


The toilets have been vandalised with graffiti.
Photo: EDDC

Council chiefs say they will be ‘monitoring the situation and hope the move will deter any vandalism that was occurring later in the day’.

Opening hours could be extended ‘if there are no further issues’. Officers will report back later this summer.

EDDC leader Councillor Paul Arnott said: “Access to good-quality public toilets is essential for our towns and sustainable tourism offer.

“This administration took the difficult but necessary decision to review what EDDC could provide directly, but we still want to ensure toilets are available where they are most needed.

“I’ve been listening to concerns relayed to me…and that is why I will ensure this site has a public toilet facility available in some form always.”

EDDC is urging any residents with information over the graffiti damage to report it via its websiteapp, with the police through 101 online, or through Crimestoppers.

Vandals target toilets in Seaton with ‘some of the worst ever seen’ graffiti

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