Firefighters from three counties called after gas leak is discovered at property in Axminster

Firefighters from across three counties were called to a property in Axminster on Thursday evening (June 16) after a gas leak was discovered.

Crews were called to Musby Road, Axminster, at around 9pm, after receiving a call from the police reporting the smell of gas.

Fire crews from Axminster, East Devon, Charmouth, in Dorset, and Taunton, in Somerset were called to the address, where they cut off the gas supply to the property and used specialist equipment to detect the leak.

An officer specialising in hazardous material, and an environmental protection unit, both attended the scene.

The fire service stayed at the address until the gas company arrived, who confirmed a leak outside the property then dealt with the issue.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Fire control received a call from the Police reporting a smell of gas from within a property in Axminster.

“Control immediately mobilsed two fire appliances coming from Axminster and Charmouth fire station, as well as the environmental protection unit from Taunton fire station, as well as a supporting Hazmat officer.

“Once in attendance crews committed two breathing apparatus wearers into the property with gas detection equipment and a hose reel jet as a precaution, to attempt to locate the source of the leak and to isolate the gas.

“Crews Isolated the gas supply to the property and continued to monitor the property using gas detection equipment.”

The spokesperson added: “Crews remained on scene awaiting the arrival of the gas board, who once on scene confirmed there was a leak external to the property.

“Duty of care was left with the gas engineers.”


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