Donkeys at Sidmouth have got this heatwave licked!

Donkey ice lollies have proved a tasty treat at the Sidmouth sanctuary where the animals have got the heatwave licked.

Staff at The Donkey Sanctuary served up ice blocks made from fruit and vegetables in a bid to help their charges cool down amid the sweltering heat.

As you can see, the donkeys had a chilled-out time, exploring the specially-made ice blocks.


Photo: The Donkey Sanctuary.

A spokesman for The Donkey Sanctuary said: “As the hot weather looks set to increase, it’s not just us humans that need cooling off.

“Donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth have also been enjoying specially made ‘ice lollies’, which provide a refreshing healthy treat and the perfect way to cool down in the heat.”

The spokesman added: “The ice blocks are made from fruit and vegetables in water, and not only provide a welcome treat during the sizzling temperatures, but they also provide a valuable form of enrichment.

“Donkeys love exploring, and this activity allows them to exhibit their natural foraging behaviours – a key factor in improving donkey welfare.”

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