Exmouth RNLI rescues motor boat in distress and vessel with engine failure

Exmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat volunteers rescued two boats reported to be in distress over the Easter weekend.

Crew on exercise off Exmouth were on Saturday (April 16) diverted to help a 20-foot motor boat that was unable to make headway because of a ‘fouled propeller’.

And on Sunday (April 17) the inshore lifeboat launched to rescue a motor cruiser run aground with engine failure at the entrance to the channel.

Harry Griffin, lifeboat helm, said “On both occasions we were able to assist the vessels in difficulty and help them to safety without further damage or risk to their occupants.”

He added: “I would urge all boat owners to carefully check their vessels to ensure that they are properly serviced, reliable and safe to use, especially following a period of inactivity.”

The inshore lifeboat George Bearman II launched at 1.30pm on April 16 to tow a 20-foot motor boat that had a problem with its propeller.

An RNLI spokesman said no one was injured: “The volunteer crew immediately assessed the situation and having determined that the vessel was unable to recover, towed it and its occupants to the safety of its mooring.”

The following day, Sunday, the inshore lifeboat crew launched at around 3pm to a 2.5-ton, eight-metre, motor cruiser run aground with engine failure.

The RNLI spokesman said no one was injured, adding: “The charity’s volunteers launched at 3.15pm and were able to reach the casualty vessel within a few minutes.

“They established that the vessel, with two persons on board, was unable to make progress and so effected a tow to the safety of Exmouth Marina.”


Photo: Geoff Mills/RNLI.

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