Plans submitted for 1,435 new homes, shops, schools, a cemetery and pitches for gypsies and travellers in Cranbrook

Plans for 1,435 homes, a second neighbourhood centre, two schools, pitches for gypsies and travellers and a cemetery in Cranbrook have been submitted to the district council.

The bid put forward by Persimmon Homes also includes the creation of public open and play space, allotments,  and a plot for a place of worship.

A consultation has been launched over the blueprints which have been described as ‘an important part’ of the planned expansion of the new East Devon town.

The mooted development is proposed for a plot at Cobdens, north Of London Road and east of Cranbrook.

Plans say the scheme aims to ‘create a distinctive and high-quality place, which respects and enhances the character and assets of Cranbrook while ensuring connectivity with the existing community.’

The outline planning application includes:

  • Up to 1,435 new residential dwellings;
  • A neighbourhood centre with a maximum of 750 sq m gross ground-floor space with uses including hot food takeaways and pubs/bars;
  • A three-form entry primary school for 630 pupils with associated nursery provision and community room;
  • A 50-place special educational needs school;
  • Public open space;
  • Allotments;
  • A place of worship;
  • A cemetery;
  • Ten serviced pitches for gypsies and travellers.

Vehicular access would be off London Road to the south and to the south-east for the pitches for gypsies and travellers.

Drainage basins and landscaping are also proposed. Four barns would be demolished as part of the scheme.

The applications states: “The proposal includes a community hub of day-to-day uses for modern living, such as local shops and education.

“The application provides land for a mixed-use local centre, place of worship land, as well as a primary school and special educational needs school.

“To ensure that these hubs are active 24-hour places, they will also include some residential use or new housing close by, such as flats above the use Class E floorspace in the local centre.

“The main design principle is to introduce distinct keynote buildings of design merit, that frame and enclose a high-quality public realm. The design of the public realm will focus on delivering safe and attractive spaces that are designed for pedestrians.”

Countdown starts for Cranbrook residents to get involved and shape the town’s future

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