Schoolgirl, six, from Honiton, becomes Devon Freewheelers’ youngest fundraiser thanks to chores charity challenge

A six-year-old schoolgirl from Honiton who turned household chores into a charity challenge has raised more than £150 for the Devon Freewheelers blood bikes.

Elsie Horn, of George Street, Honiton, a Beaver with 3rd Exeter Air Scouts, was challenged by the group to fill a Smartie tube with 20ps to donate to charity.

The youngster exceeded the challenge 14 times over when she spent 12 weeks earning 20p each time she was on dishwasher duty, made her bed, or helped around the home.

She celebrated ending her successful challenge when she presented the charity volunteers with £179.

Mum Kimberly Vicary said her daughter had chosen to help the blood bike volunteers after the family discussed East Devon-based charities to support.

Full-time mum Kimberly, aged 35, spoke of the family’s pride in Elsie’s fundraising efforts, which resulted in her achieving her Beaver money skills badge.

She said: “Elsie went to Beavers and they were told they were going to collect 20ps for charity. We thought it was a lovely idea.

“We came home and spoke about it. We named a lot charities in our home area and she picked the blood bikes.

“She was quite adamant she wanted to do it for the Devon Freewheelers.

“You may not see the blood bikes, but you never know if you’re going to need their help.”

Kimberly added: “I hope she will continue to raise funds for charity, another cause, or the blood bikes again.”


Elsie Horn was presented with a certificate of thanks by Russell Roe, Devon Freewheelers deputy CEO.
Photo: Devon Freewheelers.

Russell Roe, Devon Freewheelers Deputy CEO said: “We are so impressed with Elsie’s efforts to help keep the blood bikes on the road. We believe she is our youngest fundraiser yet.

“Elsie has diligently completed her challenge over 12 weeks, which has raised an incredible amount to help the blood bike volunteers continue supporting the NHS and community for free.

“The charity volunteers cannot do what they do, offering a free courier service, without the generous and selfless support of fundraisers like Elsie.

“We look forward to hearing about Elsie’s next fundraising challenge and we would welcome her help again in the future if she decided to support the Devon Freewheelers charity.”

Elsie is now working on fresh tasks for two more Beaver badges, awarded for skills and creativity.

And the Cranbrook Education Campus schoolgirl and her family, self-employed mechanic dad Malcolm Horn, 40, an assistant Scout leader with 3rd Exeter Air Scouts (RAF 47), her sisters, 12-year-old Millie, Leona, aged 14, and brother Aidan, 17, are now raising funds for the 25th anniversary World Scout Jamboree, to be held in Korea in 2023.


Elsie spent 12 weeks carrying out chores at home, to raise funds for the Devon blood bikes charity.
Photo: Devon Freewheelers.

Elsie’s future hopes include raising funds for Little Princess Trust, like sister Millie who cut off 12 inches of hair, resulting in £600 for the charity.

Aged four, Elsie’s charity work included joining her family in 2020 to donate and handout food to the homeless in Exeter.

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