Residents plant Queen’s Green Canopy in Sidford to mark Platinum Jubilee

A once-bare green space is being transformed into a ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’ by residents in Sidford.

More than 30 people helped plant native and ‘climate-appropriate’ trees in Higher Brook Meadow.

Householders have teamed up with Sidmouth Arboretum and East Devon District Council (EDDC) on the project.

Their efforts are part of a national initiative to ‘plant a tree for the Platinum Jubilee’ as Her Majesty marks 70 years on the throne in 2022.

It is the ‘first sizeable’ such canopy on EDDC land.

The plot belongs to the authority’s housing department and is manged by its StreetScene team.

Trees were planted on Saturday, February 5.

Councillor Marianne Rixson said: “The best part of this event was that it brought neighbours and the community together.

“In addition to the new tree canopy, the new group are already talking about holding an event to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee later this year.

“The group is also looking to apply to our new one-off small community grant scheme to buy tools to look after the new trees and hedgerows.

“This project has been a win-win for all and I hope other community groups across the district follow their lead.”

Resident Margaret Bullock said: “Council officers Paul Fealey and Alex Higgins have been instrumental in getting us to this point and this project would never have got off the ground without their involvement.”

EDDC’s acting service manager Adam Cornish added: “We would encourage all residents who want to plant trees on their local green space to get in touch with us.”

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