Kitten with its leg trapped in a pet cage at home in Axminster is freed by firefighters

A kitten with its leg trapped in a pet cage at a home in Axminster on Tuesday evening (January 25) was freed by the town’s firefighters.

The kitten’s owner, at a house in The Cricketers, in the town, raised the alarm and the uninjured pet was freed using small tools.

The animal was left in the care of its owner, the fire service said.

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “A crew from Axminster were mobilised to a house at The Cricketers in Axminster, following a call from the owner of a kitten that had got its leg stuck in a pet cage.

“They soon had the kitten released uninjured, using small tools, and into the care of its owner.”

The fire crew was called to the home at around 6.45pm and were back at the fire station shortly after 7pm.

An Axminster fire station spokesperson said: “Fire control received a call from a pet owner whose pet had managed to get itself stuck between the bars of its cage.

“Control mobilised Axminster, who were swiftly on scene.

“Crews located the kitten and its owner and quickly got to work to release the animal from its predicament.

“Crews managed to successfully release the kitten using small tools.”

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