Exmouth launches two free water filling stations in a bid to cut single-use plastic

Water bottle refill stations have been installed at two sites in Exmouth in a bid to slash single-use plastic.

Exmouth Town Council in partnership with Sideshore, Devon County Council and East Devon District Council, has fitted free water filling facilities outside the M&S food hall, on The Royal Avenue, and on the seafront.

The council hopes the water stations for shoppers, commuters and visitors to fill their own bottles will cut plastic waste.

Devon County Council donated space for The Royal Avenue water station, with East Devon District Council arranging the water supply.

On the seafront, the water station was made possible thanks to Sideshore giving the space and water.

Exmouth mayor, Councillor Steve Gazzard, celebrating the launch, said: “We’re delighted to have worked with our partners to install these water bottle filling stations and I would encourage everyone to use these units and fill their reusable bottles.

“Not only will they help us reduce single-use plastic bottles but also promote healthier lifestyles by ensuring we drink plenty of fresh clean water.”


The second water station can be found on the seafront.
Photo: Exmouth Town Council.

The town council said the units were made up of a pedestal bottle filling station with a push-button system to quickly fill a bottle. They serve clean, hygienic water in accordance with the strict regulations.

Simon Findel-Hawkins, Sideshore spokesman, said: “The Sideshore team are delighted to be working with the local council and community to highlight the importance of eliminating single-use plastics, which can be extremely detrimental to our beautiful surrounding environment.”

Jeff Trail, Devon County Council chairman and Councillor for Exmouth, said: “Single use plastics are a scourge on the environment with an estimated 800 plastic bottles being thrown away in the UK every minute. Many of those bottles end up polluting the sea and endangering wildlife. That’s why Devon County Council phased out single use plastic food and beverage packaging in work locations, and why I’m delighted to see this new water refill station.

“By encouraging people to fill up it will help reduce litter particularly around the beach area. It’s good for the environment and, because it will encourage people to hydrate with water rather than with sugary drinks, it’s good for health reasons too.”

Cllr Denise Bickley, East Devon District Council assistant portfolio holder for climate action and emergencies, said “This is excellent news and we hope that residents and tourists alike will take advantage of the new water stations in Exmouth.

“’Stop buying drinks in plastic bottles’ is an easy pledge to make to really help our carbon footprint, and to keep plastic out of the sea. Remember, drinks companies don’t make water – they make plastic bottles.”

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