East Devon residents recycle 48,000 tonnes of rubbish in a year

East Devon residents recycled 48,000 tonnes of rubbish last year as waste crews made six million collections.

The whopping weight – equivalent to 4,000 double-decker buses or 98 jumbo jets – was taken from kerbsides as part of six million collections.

Council contractors carried out 4.5million recycling, 1.5million waste, and 300,000 green waste collections.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) introduced a new recycling and waste system in 2017 – rated in 2021 as the ninth best in England.

Councillor Geoff Jung, portfolio holder for coast, countryside and environment, said:

“Yet another milestone achieved by our recycling and waste partners Suez which has continued to provide a near-normal service throughout the pandemic.

“A massive thank-you to the team who continue to provide our kerbsides collections and a massive thank-you to every single resident who recycles each week.”

The huge haul collected included 22,700 tonnes of dry recycling and food waste.

The dry recycling was sent for processing to be made into new products and the food waste has been used to generate bioenergy and fertiliser for farms.

A further 6,700 tonnes of green waste was also collected, composted, and used as soil conditioner on East Devon farms.

Another 18,600 tonnes of waste was collected and sent to an ‘energy from waste’ centre before being turned into electricity for the local grid.

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