‘I feel fantastic’ – Exmouth woman’s Veganuary challenge ends in seven stone weight loss

An Exmouth woman who lost seven stone after challenging herself to a month of vegan eating is championing Veganuary.

Kate White signed up to Veganuary in January 2021 in a bid to ‘shed some of the excess ten stone’ in weight she had been carrying.

A year on, Kate has remained vegan, claims her health has improved through her diet changes, saying she ‘feels fantastic’.

Her change in eating was helped by signing up to Veganuary.com where she received a host of free tips and recipes to aid her vegan challenge.

Kate, who has shared her vegan experiences through Instagram, is now gearing up to take part in a triathlon.

She said: “There was always meat and dairy in absolutely every meal. If meat wasn’t involved then I was convinced that the meal wouldn’t fill me up. I had a particular weakness for cheese and couldn’t stop at just one slice.”

She added: “Veganuary has taught me to never write off an idea before having a go. I honestly thought I’d do it for a month as another January effort to lose some weight. I had no idea that it would suit me so much.”

Within three weeks of vegan eating Kate said she was already noticing a difference.

She said: “I was getting out of bed easier. I just seemed to get up quicker and it felt easier to move my body.

“My digestion really improved, and I was starting to notice a surge in energy.”

East Devon

Kate said she had been carrying extra weight before turning vegan.
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Kate’s change to a vegan diet has resulted in weight loss.
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Since changing her diet, Kate has taken on a host of sporting challenges.
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As a result, she began walking, then took part in the Couch to 5k programme, Parkrun and a 10k race.

Kate, who lives in Exmouth, began paddle boarding, joined a sea swimming group, ran a sprint triathlon, and is looking ahead to tackle a full-length event.

She said: “Becoming vegan has been the best decision I have ever made. I never want to go back.”


Kate took part in Veganuary 2021.
Photo: with permission.


Kate has remained vegan.
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Kate White took on the Veganuary challenge in 2021.
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Toni Vernelli, Veganuary spokesperson, said: “We are delighted that Kate has experienced such profound improvements in her health since taking part in Veganuary and that she has been inspired to make whole lifestyle changes.

“And what a transformation. We can’t promise that everyone who takes part will experience such huge benefits, but participants often tell us of their own very positive changes – from better skin, hair and digestion to sounder sleep and more energy.

“And for some, like Kate, the effects are truly life-changing.

“It’s free to take part so we’d encourage everyone to sign up and take part and find out what eating vegan could do for them.”

  • To find out more about Veganuary, see here.

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