Heavy rainfall and swollen rivers prompts flood alerts to remain for low-lying areas of East Devon

Flood alerts remain in place for parts of East Devon as heavy rainfall in the early hours of the morning caused river levels to rise on Wednesday (December 29).

Flooding remains possible around low-lying land and roads in the Clyst St Mary and Broadclyst areas of East Devon because the River Clyst and River Exe levels remain high.

However, flooding to properties was not expected, the Environment Agency (EA) said.

Earlier today the EA removed flood alerts for the Rivers Axe, Otter and Sid, plus the Exmouth area, after water levels fell.

But the EA warned any falling river levels would remain ‘sensitive’ to any further rain.

The EA said: “Following further rainfall in the East Devon area in the early hours of Wednesday morning, river levels remain high on the Rivers Clyst, Culm and their tributaries.

“Further rainfall is forecast throughout the day on Wednesday 29/12/2021, this will maintain the high river levels.

“Flooding of low-lying land and roads close to the river is possible throughout today, Wednesday.

“No flooding to properties is currently forecast.”

EA staff have been monitoring river levels throughout the day, and clearing blockages from swollen tributaries.

By Wednesday lunchtime water levels fell below levels of concern in other areas of East Devon, prompting the EA to remove flood alerts placed on the Rivers Otter, Sid, Axe, and around Exmouth.

The EA said: “The risk of flooding has now reduced, and rivers have fallen below levels of concern.

“River levels will remain high and will be sensitive to further rainfall.

“The heavy rainfall experienced in the early hours of Wednesday, 29th December has cleared the area and no further heavy rainfall is forecast.”

The Environment Agency said it will continue to monitor the situation and issue any further updates as necessary.

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